Photo Credits

We would like to thank the following folks for their generous permission to use their outstanding photos and image composites, making this website possible:

Agencies and Institutions

COSMOVISION : Digital Animation

ESA : European Space Agency

HST : Hubble Space Telescope

JHUAPL : Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

JPL : Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA : National Aeronautics & Space Administration

NSSDC : National Space Science Data Center

NEAR : Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission [NASA]

SwRI : Southwest Research Institute

STScI : Space Telescope Science Institute

UNAM : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

USGS : U.S. Geological Survey


Louisiana Delta Community College Astronomy : 'twinkling stars' background


Michael Aramini : Solar Eclipse

Keith Edwards : Crepuscular Rays - Lunar Corona - Solar Halo

Brian Malone : Comets - Ikyea-Seki

Tobias Mixer : Asteroids

Joe Orman : Perseids

Wolfgang Steffen : Quasars 3C120

Chris VenHaus : Aurora Borealis

Don Wheeler : Comets

We have made a specific effort to label all images properly. If you find we have wrongly labeled your photo or any other photo please contact us so we can correct the error.


20 May 2019 : : Photo Credits