Nebulae : Peony Nebula Wr 102ka

Peony Nebula : WR-102ka

The brightest star in our galaxy is Eta Carina. This bright becon of brilliance produces an amount of light that would be similar to 4.7 million suns worth. The Peony Nebula star WR-102ka, found in the Peony Nebula, gleams with light equivalent to 5.2 million suns.

Peony is known as the second brightest star in the Milky Way, but since astronomers are unsure of this estimate, The Peony star might in fact be the brightest. The star doesn't stand out so much in our night sky, because it is in an extremely dusty location full of other stars. Actually, there might even be other super lighted stars hidden in the crowd, just waiting to be discovered.

Photo : NASA JPL-Caltech Potsdam U


27 Sep 2023 : : Peony Nebula : WR-102ka